PCO Licence Application Book-Online

Simply pay a small booking fee and we’ll get things moving!

The booking fee is not an extra charge, it will be taken from the overall fees due.

* If you’ve already booked your Topographical Test with “The Vehicle Site” via TfL then please make sure you book a “morning” training session on the day of your test.

* English Language Appointments.

If you opt for the B1 English 3 week course the Training Classes & Exam Fees are FREE. The actual date of your appointment will be confirmed after you make a booking. The date you choose from the calendar below will not be the actual date of your English Classes or Exam Dates. It’s simply a booking and everything will be confirmed after.

If you opt for the B1 English 1 day Course, this costs £250 and includes all Test Preparation + Exam fees. The date you choose below will be the date of your appointment. On this day you will be given Professional English Training (3 hours) by a renowned English Tutor & then take the English Test on the same day. If you fail any part of the Test you’ll only re-sit the failed part(s) not the whole thing. What’s more, all RE-SITS are FREE with FREE training too!

* If you need an appointment which is not listed contact 020 3780 1055

Please note: All online bookings are for our East London Offices in Barking IG11 8BB

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