FAQ’s about the Topographical Test

To put your mind at ease we’ve decided to add a few frequently asked questions and provide some sound answers. If you have any further questions or apprehensions please pick up the phone or drop us an email. Speak To The Experts.

Q: What is a Topographical Skills Certificate?

Every applicant applying for the London PCO Licence must satisfy TfL that they have adequate map reading skills. Proof of this has to be demonstrated via successfully passing a Topographical Test. Once you pass a certificate would be issued by TfL. We, at pco-license.com are fully approved by TfL to host Topographical Tests at our Site in East London, Barking .  Save yourself time and money by calling us today on 020 3780 1055. We’ll book you in, train you up and ensure you’re ready to pass!

Q: What do I have to do to PASS the Topographical Test?

You will need to demonstrate good route finding skills to TfL. This will be done via taking a Topographical Test invigilated by TfL staff at our site in Barking, East London. Don’t panic or worry if you don’t Passs, just give us a call. We deliver training packages to suite every individuals needs. Our job is to ensure you get the best possible training, at the right pace, the right time all within a fixed price of £50. No matter what it takes we’re here to assist you in building the confidence to PASS.

Q: How long does it take to do the Topographical Training, Assessment & for me to get the Skills Assessment Pass Certificate?

The training, assessment and writing out of a topographical skills certificate will literally depend on your skills and ability. Depending on your learning ability it can take anywhere from 1 hour upwards to get you prepared. Then you have to book a test and then wait for the results. Typically this will take a couple of days.  Most importantly, we are more concerned with ensuring you pass and not how long it takes you to pass.

Q: What if I fail the Topographical Test?

Don’t be disheartened, we’re here to get this resolved.  Give us a call and let’s discuss your options.

Q: Where can I book the Topographical Training & Assessment?

You can book the Topographical Test by:

  1. Calling TfL on 0343 222 4444 and stating “The Vehicle Site”.
  2. Then please make sure you give us a call on 020 3780 1055 and get yourself booking in on some priority training on the morning of your Test day. We offer training courses 6 days per week with up to 2 sessions per day. Contact us today!

Q: How much do you charge for full Topographical Training, Assessment and the Skills Certificate?

Please note, as of 1st October our charges are as follows:

  • £50 for Advanced Topographical Training only (FREE Re-Sit)
  • £50 for the TfL Topographical Test only (FREE Re-Sit)
  • Combined Topographical Training & Test £75 (£25 Saving + FREE Re-Sit)
  • FREE Topographical Test + FREE Re-Sit if you choose our Platinum Package

Q: Should I swot up before I come in for the Topographical Training and Test?

Like with any test or exam you may have done, it’s better to do some groundwork beforehand. Although we will provide the necessary training to get you through the topographical test you could do some practicing beforehand. As a guideline, just choose some random places from the London A-Z and plan a route from your home or any other starting point to those destination points. Note down all the street names/motorways/A roads your chosen route takes, making sure to right down where you turn left, turn right and which exit you would take from any roundabouts. In addition you should memorise the motorways radiating from the M25 (at least 4 motorways) and memorise the main airports in and around London (specifically, Luton, Stanstead, Gatwick, Heathrow and City airport). Doing this will not only help you pass but give you a solid foundation for starting out as a minicab driver in London!



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