PCO License English Language Requirement

TfL’s PCO Licence English Language Requirements

On the 14th October 2016 Transport for London officially announced that they will be implementing a new English Language test requirement for all NEW and RENEWAL Private Hire Drivers’ License applicants.

This new English language Test requirements will affect ALL NEW applicants and RENEWAL applicants without any exceptions. Even if you are a UK born National the requirement affects you too.

The new requirement means that you have to provide TfL with a form of documentary evidence which shows that you can speak, listen, read & write in English. This will have to be done by providing proof of having successfully obtained a qualification certificate within a B1 level of English on the CEFR (Common European Framework). This is an internationally recognised qualification.

If you cannot get this certificate, then TfL will NOT issue or renew your Private Hire Minicab License.

Who will need to do the B1 English Language Test?

The requirement is for ALL drivers regardless of their nationality or place of birth. If you do not already hold a B1 or equivalent qualification then you can take the B1 English Language Course or simply enrol on another course which meets the same B1 Level of English. We offer B1 English Language qualification services, please call to discuss further.

Examples Of Acceptable Qualifications

This is a list of examples of suitable evidence you can supply to prove you meet the requirement. Please note, the list is not exhaustive. The subject of the qualification does not matter as long as it was taught in English.

UK GCSE/O level (or equivalent) certificate at grades A* to G
UK AS-Level/A level certificate
UK NVQ*/B-Tech/City & Guilds qualification, along with confirmation from the awarding body that the qualification provided is equivalent to GCSE or above (for example, a Blue Badge Guide qualification)
UK BA Hons, BSc Hons degree or higher i.e. master’s, PhD
UK HNC/HND qualification
SELT certificate at B1 level or higher, issued by Trinity College London or IELTS showing proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening

Where can I do the test?

You can go directly to Trinity College for the B1 Test. However, we strongly recommend you prepare for this. That said, we have 2 options to offer. Both are carried out in East London. You’re probably already aware that there are many firms out there offering set training packages which quite frankly cost the earth, be careful who you book with.

Option 1

Take a 1 day Fast Track English Language Course covering all the 4 modules and sit the exam on the same day! Get your results within 5 to 7 working days. If you fail any part of the Test you will benefit from Free Re-training and Free re-sits. This option has proven very popular for people who just want to get the job over and done with. Total cost for this option is £250 and that’s it. Nothing else to pay. Simply call 020 3780 1055 or click here to book on-line.

Option 2

Attend a 3 week college course. Full training and exams fees are all FREE. results are issued within 10 to 15 working days. Only cost is a £10 admin charge. Simply call 020 3780 1055 or click here to book on-line.

It’s safe to say with the major changes coming into play there will be a clean up phase where all those unable to meet the new requirements will drop out leaving less drivers who will be making more money. If you are thinking of becoming a Private Hire Driver in London, this is the best time to do so. The potential to earn more money is increasing. At the moment there are close to 100,000 Private Hire Drivers in London alone! If you compare this to the 30,000 Hackney Carriage drivers no wonder the Black Cabs are up in arms about UBER!

Our advice is simple, the industry continues to be very lucrative both for Private Hire and Hackney Carriage drivers. If you have made your mind up to become your own boss, let’s help you do it! We’ll assist you all the way.

The best package we provide is the PLATINUM PACKAGE. This is an ALL-INCLUSIVE deal. We take care of the ENTIRE PROCESS and you get a 3 year PCO Licence for £487.


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