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PCO Licence

“It’s true TfL seem to be capping the total number of Private Hire Drivers in London!”

So if you’re looking for some London PCO License Help? Choose our Platinum Package below.

Simply book your appointment with a £10 booking fee. You can save time by booking online. Once you’re booked in come along with £190 and let’s get started! (This fee covers the Medical Check £80, Topographical Training & Test and our Prompt Submission Fee of £50 to get you licensed). In addition we’ll get you FREE English Language Classes and FREE English Exams.

This fee of £190 will then be deducted from the overall £507 for the Platinum Package. The remainder is paid in 2 installments: TfL (£250) and the DBS Criminal Record Check Fee (£57).

If you’re ready to Fast Track your application to become a Minicab or Chauffeur Driver in London, book online or call 020 3780 1055

020 3780 1055

The London PCO Licence Application total cost is £507. This fee includes everything, the Topographical Test, The DBS Check, The PCO Medical Check, the TfL fees and the  Prompt Submission Service + English Language Classes & Exams

Did you know it can take up to 16 weeks to get licensed with TfL, that’s 4 months.

If you opt for our Platinum Package we can Speed Up your application so that you are licensed usually within 3 to 6 weeks!


We take care of the whole application for you, only £507 (Includes ALL the fees required for a PCO License)

(Most popular Package)

Included are:

Topographical Skills Training (£50) & FREE Test + FREE RESIT
• We Provide all necessary Maps and Testing Materials
• Completing & Submitting all the Required Forms, Prompt Submission (£50)
• Carrying out the online DBS check on your behalf (£57 +£20 admin)
• Free Englsh Language Course + Free English Exams (speaking, listening, reading & writing)
• TfL Fees £250
• Medical Check + Eye Test (£80)
• Free On-­Site Parking
• Free Refreshments & Internet Access
• Unlimited Support & Advice

Click here to book online.


Prompt GP booking service with a TfL approved GP: only £80

Included are:

• Completing the Required Medical Forms
• On-sight Medical Check + Eye Test
• Immediate Booking Service
• Free On-­Site Parking
• Free Refreshments & Internet Access

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Our professional services are provided on demand and tailored to suite your learning abilities. Payment is due on entry. We have no hidden costs.

  • Please note, as of 1st October our charges are as follows:
    • £50 for Advanced Topographical Training only
    • £50 for the TfL Topographical Test only (FREE Re-Sit)
    • Combined Topographical Training & Test £75 (£25 Saving + FREE Re-Sit)
    • FREE Topographical Test + FREE Re-Sit if you choose our Platinum Package
    • Click here to book online.

Included are:

• Providing all necessary Maps and Testing Materials
• Tailored Training
• Professional Training
• No Hidden costs or Extras
• Free On-­Site Parking
• Free Refreshments & Internet Access

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We complete all the necessary application forms + make sure it’s a complete application: only £29.99 (Paper Based Application Form completion service – Topographical Skills Test NOT included)

Included are:

• Completing all the Required Forms
• Making all necessary photocopies of your documents
• Medical examination advice and booking assistance
• Free On-­Site Parking
• Free Refreshments & Internet Access


Some people prefer us to just take care of individual services such as:

• Register and carry out the on-line DBS check for you – £19.99 (You only need to attend the Post Office for the ID checking service + pay the DBS Fee)

As you can see the PCO Licence cost is not pocket change. Most people are not aware of the total cost involved. Please note, you will also have to factor in the cost of buying or hiring a PCO car, licensing the car and the insurance cost.

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020 3780 1055



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