PCO License Jobs

Looking for Private Hire Driver Jobs? If you want to work as a private hire driver in London then you will need to get your PCO License. Without this then you will not be able to work and you won’t be able to earn so get your license application sent off as soon as possible.

Most people who get their PCO license are looking to work as a minicab driver, and there is still plenty of demand for minicab drivers as more and more people are ditching their own cars in favour of public transport, but there are other possibilities too such as working as chauffeurs, or in airport transfers. Having a PCO license opens up a lot of doors in times work is often hard to come by.

Minicab Drivers

As a minicab driver you will have the greatest flexibility in deciding when you want to work and the hours you put in. Most of your journeys will be short and can involve waiting for a call from the office with details of your next fare. If you enjoy driving, meeting new people, and getting out of the office, then becoming a minicab driver could be the job for you.

Being a chauffeur has the same license requirements as a minicab driver but there are several differences:

  • Booking far in advance – Where as minicab drivers will get bookings minutes in advance, a good chauffeur will often be booked up weeks in advance due to the demands of the client who may wish to have use of a chauffeur all day. Time-keeping is especially important in this instance.
  • Dress Code – A chauffeur should always be dressed smartly and this will usually involve wearing a dark suit, white shirt and a conservative tie.
  • Newer Vehicle – If you are working as a chauffeur and using your own vehicle then it must be a fairly new model and also be a high-end make e.g. Mercedes, BMW, etc. It is also essential that the car is kept clean both inside and out.

    If you don’t mind motorway miles then working for an airport transfer company is another good job for someone with a PCO license. You will put in a lot of miles in the job and it will require a car with plenty of boot space, but due to the time/distance you will always have a well-paid fare and tourists will often give you a big tip too.Yet again, these fares are all pre-booked some time in advance.

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