Topographical Skills Test

What is the Topographical Skills Test? How do I get a Topographical Test Certificate? If you’re looking to become a private hire driver in London then part of the application requires you to demonstrate your route finding skills to TfL.

This is the only test (or exam) you’ll have to take, rest assured, here’s where you’ll find exactly all there is to know about the topographical skills training, assessment/test & certificate.

Topographical Skills Test Training

One word of caution: be careful who you decide to book your training & test with. All Topographical Assessments are now invigilated by TfL and only TfL. No longer can you take the test at a previously accredited centre. All accreditations across London were removed and new procedures have been put in place.

The training “must” be conducted/delivered in English, therefore, an understanding of English is essential. If you don’t understand the English language you’ll need to book yourself on an English Language course. For the topographical skills training and assessment to be conducted, you don’t need to be 100% fluent in spoken or written English, but have a basic understanding and ability.  TfL requires candidates to undertake a written (assessment) part, so you’ll also need to be able to communicate using English. Currently, all topographical assessments require hand written answers. In summary, the training “HAS” to be delivered in English and candidates must meet the required assessment criteria using the English language . We provide a range of Topographical Training Packages to suite all needs.

Our training centres are not associated to minicab firms. We specialise in providing professional help and support , ensuring you get the best possible training delivered in a distraction free environment.  Regardless of your country of origin or learning ability, we ensure you get the best possible training. The Topographical Training, Assessment/Test and Pass Certificate can all be obtained from our site in East London. We offer professional training services 6 days a week, with 2 training sessions per day. To avoid disappointment, book a convenient appointment today: 020 3780 1055.

Topographical Skills Test / Assessment.

Don’t panic, it’s not an exam it’s an assessment! We use the word “test” simply because this is what most people believe it to be. We’ve heard many stories about minicab firms claiming to offer training and test services which only turn out to be quite the opposite! Usually they’re run in an unprofessional environment with noise and distractions from phones ringing in the background and people talking while you’re trying to concentrate. We believe it’s all because minicab firms offer this as a secondary service. It doesn’t form the core part of their business, nor are there sufficient training appointment slots available to suite your lifestyle. Some minicab firms tend to brush callers off and give them an alternative “mobile number” to call. Our services are professional, on-time, delivered in a training environment, tailored to meet your needs and meet the standards set by TfL. We understand this is a life changing career and offer you full support and assistance. We’re not examiners but fully accredited assessors, we assess if you meet Govt standards and if you don’t we provide fully tailored training packages which target areas of weakness. This saves you time, ensuring you hopefully PASS the first time. What’s more, we offer free parking, teas, coffees, internet access, photocopying & scanning facilities and assistance with the pco licence questions.

For a full breakdown of the topographical skills assessment criteria please take a look here. You will see the list is very detailed and at first glance may seem daunting. Don’t worry, no matter what it takes, we’ll ensure you meet the required standards. A typical Topographical Skills Training sessions lasts around 2 to 3 hours.

Topographical Skills Test Certificate.

When you’ve met the required standards you should receive a Topographical Skills PASS Certificate/notification from TfL. The certificate details the centre name, address,  your full name, your D.O.B, your driving licence number, the date you passed, name of the assessor, the assessors signature. Once you have this all you need to do is send a photocopy of it to TfL along with your application and supporting documents.

Please note: In addition to the above, we provide full help & support to anyone wishing to become a private hire driver in London. From form filling to helping you find work. For more information please contact us

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